Research Overview

The Scholarship & Grant Guide™ is the only authoritative Rating-Guide for online scholarship search sites. In other words, we are the "Consumer Reports" of online scholarship search sites. This is where it all began...

  • In addition to our extensive background in the financial aid industry, we decided to assemble a team of scholarship experts to assist in researching the entire Internet for scholarship search sites.

  • We discovered that the key to finding scholarships online is to locate and utilize the best (i.e. the largest & most relevant) scholarship databases on the Internet.

  • We searched millions of web sites in search of the best of the best. During our search, we discovered that many of the "big players" were all licensing their database from one or two varying central locations.

  • In the end, we had collectively put thousands of man hours into rating & reviewing every scholarship-related web site on the Internet. The result was a list of the best scholarship search sites.

  • To do what we did on your own would take you a very long time and probably still would not have the same results that our team of scholarship experts were able to achieve.

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