How-To-Win Scholarships!

Be a scholarship-winner! "How-To-Win Scholarships" is the perfect companion to The Scholarship & Grant Guide®. The guide will help you find the scholarships you need... How-To-Win Scholarships will help you win the scholarships you need. How-To-Win Scholarships walks you through the scholarship application process on a step-by-step basis.

Get crystal clear advice... directly from the experts!

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The Financial Aid Journal

Financial aid rules and regulations can change fast, so it pays to stay informed. As a monthly publication, the 'Journal' was created to provide students and their families with the most current information and advice on undergraduate financial aid, admissions, and how to locate as well as finance the college that's best suited to your needs.

The Financial Aid Journal will help you get the financial aid you deserve.

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The Financial Aid Encyclopedia

The Financial Aid Encyclopedia includes information on federal financial aid, state financial aid, college financial aid, government guaranteed student loans and free government grants. The Financial Aid Encyclopedia is a comprehensive resource and explanation of the financial aid process, what it is and how it works.

The Financial Aid Encyclopedia is a wealth of resources in one succinct reference.

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The Financial Aid Timeline

A must for every student from freshmen to senior, our 'Financial Aid Timeline' alerts you to important financial aid dates and deadlines.

  • When to start looking for scholarships and grants?
  • When to submit admission and FAFSA forms?
  • When & where to look for private sources of funding?
  • When to expect financial aid award letters and loan eligibility information?

The Financial Aid Timeline will help you stay on top of critical financial aid deadlines.

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Financial Aid Glossary

Academics love to use fancy acronyms and ambiguous terms to describe important financial aid programs. Knowing what these terms actually mean can give you a leg-up - an advantage over other students!

Do you understand the following... FAFSA, FFELP, LEAP, Title IV, TOEFL, LOA, CASHE, CLEP, CSS, EFC, EIC, FAA, IM, NMSQT, PLUS, SAR or FAO?

With just under 400 terms, this financial aid glossary just may be the world's most comprehensive. Now, you'll always be able to quickly locate a definition for any word or phrase that has to do with financial aid, scholarships, or grants - a must-have resource!

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Free Scholarship Reports

eFinancialAid offers the following three scholarship reports for free! $100,000 Scholarships, Guaranteed Scholarships and Surprising Scholarships.

  • $100,000 Scholarships These are some of the biggest scholarships out there. Full tuition plus room and board sound good?
  • Guaranteed Scholarships Scholarships that are unlimited in number and don't require an interview, audition or essay.
  • Surprising Scholarships Scholarships that you won't see in your everyday perusing through scholarship books. The entertainment value alone is worth the reading

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153 Strategies to Cut College Costs

The 153 education cost-cutting strategies for families of all income levels. These strategies were created by some of the top minds in educational funding and can provide families with financial opportunities to help fund their tuition costs. They include:

  • Tax Strategies,

  • Financial Planning Strategies,

  • Financial Aid Strategies,

  • Household Strategies,

  • Academic Strategies,

  • Creative Borrowing Strategies, and

  • Other College Cost Cutting Strategies.

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The Scholarship Guru

FREE scholarship counseling! Get up to three hours of personal scholarship consulting via email with the scholarship guru absolutely FREE! Three hours of personal scholarship consulting is a $300 value! So when we say that we are serious about your success, we mean it!

This valuable service is your key to finding and winning as many scholarships as possible!

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